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10-day Tibet Tour
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-There were so many memorable attractions but the most memorable for me, Deborah, was the city of Lhasa, Tibet. Lhasa was one of those places that cling to my memory as an authentic people in a very unique situation. The pictures of the people of Tibet and how they dress and the customs were exactly how they look and live daily 24/7 as we have seen throughout our studies of your country and it's people. All of the tour guides that you had lined up for us, with the exception of the guide that picked us up from the ship, Victoria, to take us to the train, were very good. (Freddie)

-I want to thank you and everyone involved in organizing my Tibet trip. When I think back about it I can't quit thinking about how everything was so well organized. All my tour guides were so efficient. If I could see them now I would tip some of them more than they got, I feel bad about that because they worked hard. I had a great time in China and was treated to great hospitality and friendship. Anyway I'm getting a little long winded so I'll just say thanks again and I will definitely send people to you if they are going to China. (Don)