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Business Experience Project Testimonials

-This experience has given me exposure to the Chinese business culture, and there's been enormous improvement in my Mandarin skills. (Cathy)

-Volunteering abroad gave me a greater understanding of China The conversations and one-on-one interactions that I had with people provided me with firsthand insight that I could not get from any book. I have a great sense of accomplishment after completing my volunteer project and truly believe that the people I helped appreciated my efforts. (Kevin)

-Each bed had a very large locker in-room. That was very helpful. I liked the locker being right by my bed. Very nice. (Laura)

- Stayed there for a night, excellent location, nice rooms but bathroom was quite small. Their coffeeshop (breakfast place) was too small to accommodate all their guests at the same time so go early. Spa was in another building which meant you had to be exposed to the elements (cold temp) before and after your workout ; bring a jacket or something for this purpose. Overall staff were professional and service was excellent. (Trave)