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Medical Internship
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Chinese Medical Project Testimonials

- Things are great. Very well organized and fun. My Coordinator Kay has been helpful. Just checking in to let you know that everything has been working out better than expected, both with my volunteer time at the hospital and my living situation here in the city. Thanks for all of your leg work in putting together such a great experience. (Hilary)

- China is a great place. My medical internship was excellent. Thx Emma! (Sarah)

- I have recently returned from China, and must confess that the experience was a most satisfying and enriching one. Both the Sunrise’s staff and colleagues (in the consulting firm where I did my internship) were good and very collaborators during my program. Besides, everybody in the hospital took care of me and was interested in what I am doing or think. I felt very comfortable all the time. (Simmons)

- My internship was the perfect way to learn about the field of public health. I obtained valuable experience collaborating on a project with various physicians, and found an insight into what I am looking for in a profession. This type of information is priceless, and can't be taught in a classroom!  (William)