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Media&Journalism Projects
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Media & Journalism Project Testimonials

My internship at 21st century was an exceptional opportunity to immerse myself in the worlds of both sustainability and journalism. For someone coming from an environmental perspective, it was enlightening to learn more about the editorial, production and business aspects of running a magazine. With such a great variety of activities, my internship at 21st century was full of new experiences that have broadened my horizons and interests. (Emily)

- Amazing cultural experience and at the same time has opened my eyes to the world of work and has confirmed that I have chosen the right career path, whilst highlighting the skills I need to gain or improve on, which I hope to do in my Masters degree. (Laura)

- It is rare to find an internship program that is trustworthy but Sunrise Ltd. is one of the rarest companies that guarantees you what is listed in the internship package. I have confidence in Sunrise Ltd. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. (Richard)