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Sea Turtle Projects
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Huizhou is located in the southeast of Guangdong and in the north of Pearl River Delta, Huizhou Municipality, part of Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, is 130 kilometers away from Guangzhou northwestward and only 70 kilometers from Hong Kong and Shenzhen southward. Covering a land area of 11,200 square kilometers and a maritime area of 4,520 square kilometers, Huizhou administers Huicheng District, Huiyang District, Huidong County and Longmen County plus Dayawan Economic & Technological Development Zone and Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, and two national-level development zones.

Sea turtle nature protection area is the only one national level sea turtle conservation project in China. The protection area is situated in the juncture Gangkou Town, Huidong County, and at the foot of Daxing Mountain in the southernmost part of Nianping Peninsula. This project is established in 1985 under the approval of Guangdong Provincial Government, the reserve covers an area of 4 square kilometers. Surrounded by mountains and sea, it covers an area of only 0.1 square kilometers sandy shore with a tranquil environment. With sandy and slightly reef near shore seabed, the limpid seawater is 5 to 15 meters deep. With seawater temperature at 28 degrees centigrade in summer and autumn seasons and the slightly sloped beach composed of tiny grains of sand, it is a real paradise for sea turtles. Sea turtles return here to breed their spawn regularly every year. Regarded as the best delivery bed for sea turtles in mainland China, it is an important base for their research and protection. The establishment of this natural preserve is aimed to educate the people to realize the impact of protecting ecological balance for the sustainable development of human beings.

Physical Features

In the north and east parts of Huizhou lie ranges of mountains and hills while in the middle covers large areas of plains. The south of Huizhou is decorated with long meandering coastline which brings charming sceneries.

Climatic Features

Huizhou belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with the Tropic of Cancer crosses the city. The climate is mild and humid. The annual average temperature is about 22C (72F). Rains are frequent from April to August.

When to Go

Due to the pleasant climate all year round, it is marvelous to visit Huizhou at any time of a year. However, it's better to avoid the rainy period that is from July to August. From September to October, it is sunny and good time for visit.

Local Highlights

Huizhou is the historical and cultural city of Guangdong as well as one of the 'China Top Tourist Cities'. Scenic spots are varied in mountains, rivers, seas and forests. The local tradition is quite interesting such as Dragon Dance in the Spring Festival and Moon Admiring on Mid Autumn Festival, which is the second most important festival in Huizhou.