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Special Needs School

Special Needs School Teaching Projects
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Intro - Teaching English in Special Needs School Beijing

Special Needs School Beijing was founded in 1874 and now it has a history of 134 years. It is located near a beautiful river called Kunyu River. It is not only the earliest special educational school in China but also the unique special educational school for the visually impaired in Beijing .It has now developed into a comprehensive school for visually impaired students ,which includes kindergarten for kids before, special-needs class ,primary and secondary schools , high school section (including senior high, intermediate vocational school for acupuncture and massage and piano tuning vocational high school) and teachers’ training program. The school campus is tidy and beautiful .It is equipped with modern facilities that satisfy the need of visually impaired students. It is a paradise both in living and studying for the visually impaired students.