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study in Beijing

Study in Beijing
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Throughout the summer we offer all-inclusive short courses in Chinese language ranging from four to twelve weeks in duration. The course combines Chinese language tuition with an all-inclusive programme of excursions, cultural experiences and social activities. With courses available for beginner to intermediate levels in small and multi-national classes, this course provides an excellent introduction to Chinese language and culture.

What is special about the course?

We offer an all-inclusive study abroad programme that provides a unique opportunity for you to study Chinese language and experience first-hand Chinese culture, while gaining a valuable insight into the world of work in China. This is a new and different approach to studying abroad in China that will
ensure that you have the skills and experience to succeed in the 21st Century.

Course description

The Summer Chinese language courses are designed to help you to gain new language skills or improve your fluency for either personal or professional reasons. The course is structured to develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Fluency and pronunciation are emphasised with a focus on conversational Chinese. Studying in a Chinese-speaking environment, you will make rapid progress and will have plenty
of opportunities to practice your new skills with other students and in the wider community.

Multi-national classes

To provide you with a truly international study abroad experience, classes are multi-national with students from a wide variety of countries. You will be taught by highly-qualified teachers, who have many years experience of teaching beginner level Chinese language courses to mixed groups. Studying with international students from around the world will encourage you to communicate with your classmates in Chinese, providing the perfect environment for you to practice your new language skills and will help to ensure you make rapid progress. A multi-national environment will also provide you with a unique opportunity to makes friends from around the world, to learn about new cultures and share your culture with your classmates.

Chinese student mentors

Our student mentors will help you to settle in to campus life and make the most of your study abroad experience. All of our mentors are Chinese students who are currently studying at your chosen university. Outside of the classroom they will organise small group activities to enable you to practice your Chinese language skills in an informal setting, as well as arrange a programme of cultural and social activities to introduce you to Chinese culture and provide you with an opportunity to visit popular tourist destinations.

Cultural and social activity programme

An integral part of the programme is the active programme of activities and excursions to places of major historical and cultural interest. This is an ideal way to build on your classroom studies by using the language in real life situations, as well as learning first-hand about a new culture. During your orientation you will be based in the heart of Beijing conveniently located with excellent transport links across the city. As part of your Beijing orientation, you will have the opportunity to visit popular tourist destinations, including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City and the ‘Birds Nest’ Olympic stadium.